Silk Road has a New Look

The Silk Road Tent

The Silk Road website has had several different looks during its six-volume life from a black and red theme to the yellow and camel. And, in honor of going to two issues a year, it is time for a brand new look. The camel has gone off to the barn and been replaced with a traveler’s tent (artwork by Vol. 6.1’s cover artist Orna Ben-Shoshan), and the bright yellow, red, and orange have been replaced by colors that bring to mind the desert at night—the time when travelers tell stories. Ok, that might be reaching, but the red reminds us of our roots with Pacific University, the orange of websites past, and the teal and brown just look so gosh darn good together.

The new issue of Silk Road embraces the surreal with our first color cover by Orna Ben-Shoshan. Contents include the playfully risqué high school trip to Italy depicted in “Dropping Trou” by Dan Pinkerton and the haunted playgrounds of a Southern childhood conjured in nonfiction by Josephine Ensign. The poetry and prose in Vol. 6.1 snaps together into an arresting whole that delights and challenges. In an interview with Dorianne Laux, we ask how the poet creates her own remarkable books.

So check out our new look and order the new issue!