Issue 1.1 – Summer 2006

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Cynthia Reeves – La Dolentissima Madre

Tracy Burkholder – Rescue

Stephanie Dickinson – Big Charity


Claire Davis – Stick by Stick

Mark Terrill – Parisian Suite

Dina Rubina – Marked by Carnival


David Vinceti – You Are Here

Natasha Kochicheril Moni – Kneeling to Ganges

Deborah Ager – Beautiful

Andrew Kozma – Of Liberality and Parsimony

Ronda Broatch – Somewhere, Dog is Barking

Mary Alexander Agner – The Castle of Her Childhood

Jeff Walt – Storm

Steven D. Schroeder – Fairytale

Lana Hechtman Ayers – How to Fix a Flat

Marvin Bell – West Coast Oceanic & Hamptons Reunion

Jenifer Browne Lawrence – Every Leap Year Dancing

Scott Hightower – Frontera Sagrada

Neil Aitken – For the Drowned

Suzanne Frischkorn – To the City I May Not Enter & La Dama Azul

Kelly Russell Agodon – Bachelorette Party & Miscarriage

Janet Norman Knox – Odysseus at Home in the Kitchen

Joe Wilkins – Letter to Paul from Sunflower


Thomas Hawk – four photographs & A Note from the Photographer


Claire Davis

Marvin Bell