Issue 10 - Winter/Spring 2013


Ellen Kombiyil - The Opposite of Gathering


Michael Heald - This is Not About Sex

Crystal Bevers - Habits

Danielle Geller - Ya’ at’ eeh, I say


Mathew Sherling - [What If We Experience Anticipation Without Anticipating It]

Raphael Kosek - Landscape sans Christina

Ken Arnold - Paraiso

Kathleen Helen - Japanesque

Dorothy Barresi - Walnut Acres & Vegan Heaven & Art and Decay & August Explanation

First Chapters

Priya Chandrasekaran - Two Women

Diane Lefer - Emerson Bustamante

Mark Baumgartner - Mariah Black (Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed)

British Poetry Special

Robert Peake - What is unique about British poetry?

Patience Agdabi - Sharps an’ Flats

Fiona Benson - Zitherixon Idol

Katy Evans-Bush - Oxford Circus

Liz Berry - The Sea of Talk

Diana Bishop - Future

Mark Burnhope - The Clobber Shop

Abi Curtis - Hare on the Road to Malham

Isabel Gallymore - The End of the Year

Helen Ivory - Sunday Morning

Frances Leviston - The Bride in the Mirror

Ira Lightman - Skelelittle

Rob Mackenzie - The Organist

Chris McCabe - First Day at School

Esther Morgan - Essentials

Claire Trevien - Impression, sunset

Andrew Philip - A Child’s Garden of Physics (1)

Paul Stephenson - Fifteen

Tiffany Atkinson - Roaming


Eleanor Bennett - Speak to Another Or Live in A Lonely World eBay 238 & P1180039 & Okay Museum 564k & Almosts & London WPO 236 & Sea & K600 & Rekinde 0899 & The Photographer Who Goes the Extra Mile