Issue 11 – Summer/Fall 2013


Julian Hoffman – Trinkets

Ryan Shoemaker – The Righteous Road


Katie Martin – Nobody Here By That Name

Abigail Larkin – For the Americans Missing Home

Ceclie Mazzucco-Than – Living in the Clair de Lune

First Chapters

Sharon Harrigan – Road Test

Evelyn Somers – Katybomb, Katybomb


Victoria Kelly – The Departure

Bill Edmondson – Rachel in the Eternal City

Ken Turner – DMZ & Eating Snake in Guangzhou

d. – Gathering Dust

Janet McNally – Gretel Has a Garden Now & Dido Reads the News

Barbara Tomash – Canopy & After Woods & Sentences Split Open Like Seeds & She is Justified Against the Margin & Flight

Grace Andreacchi – Study in White


Kelly Chastain – Eleanor Leonne Bennett