Issue 12 – Spring 2014


Ellen Winter – Summerhouse

Sarah Silberman – Vista Hills

Jack Driscoll – Saint Ours


Sharon Harrigan – Jack Driscoll

First Chapters

Kristin Sherman – Chapter One (The Girl and the Storyteller)

Terry Madden – Chapter One (Three Wells of the Sea)

Gretchen Jaeger – Chapter One (Two Wolves)


Vivian Wagner – Concealed Carry

Fernando R. Manibog – Warm Sand, Endless White


Cameron Scott – Ants

Marc Hudson – The Sugar Creek Sutras

Glenn Shaheen – Ottos

Eugenie Juliet Theall – Drancy

Lucia Cherciu – The Eye Tethered to the World We Don’t See & Homesickness is a Woman Wearing White

Jonathan Brechner – Playground

Jan Clausen – Found on Double Bluff Beach

Doc Suds – Vulture

Mary Bond – No More Mini Clown Car Parades to Distract Me

Truong Tran – from “Placate”