Issue 13 - Spring 2015

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M. Cid D’Angelo - The Lonesome Road

Rosalia Scalia - Henry’s Fall

Seth Marlin - Metronome

Gregory Wolos - Roanoke

Eric Wyatt - The Outlaw

Elise Atchison - Three Little Ducklings


Amber Krieger - Bring a Bigger Suitcase

Jay Ponteri - I Want to Read

Scott Dominic Carpenter - Deaf in Venice

Sarah Brownsberger - Subarctic Fruit

Glenys Loewen-Thomas - Searching Under Innocence


Emily Woodworth, Steven Childress, Keya Mitra - Robert Boswell


Morgan Schiele - Echoes

Chris Haug - First Things First

Laura Read - Pentecost

Gary Fincke - Weight-Bearing, Balance & The Open Stairs