Issue 2.1 – Spring 2007

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John Rember – When A Cold Place Turns Hot

Bette Lynch Husted – Looking For Soapstone


Valerie Miner – Veranda


Arnold Stead – Sixteen in a Hayfield

Kenneth Parsons – A Beijing Playground in Early Winter

June Sylvester Saraceno – Find My Way Back

Sonata Paliulyté – An Old Song (Translate from the Lithuanian by Irena Praitis)

Heather Hallberg Yanda – In the Jewish Cemetery in Prague

Rose Swartz – Grayling Near Villanelle

Victor E. González – Sea and Death (Translated from the Spanish by Deborah Krainin)

Alison Stine – Road Kill Grave & The Way to Keep Going in San Franscisco

Ron Giles – The Sanguine Earth

Davide Trame – Something of Mine

Katherine Cottle – Appalachian Portraits

Claudia Burbank – The Atomic Garden

Andrzej Bursa – The Depths of Hell (Translated from the Polish by Kevin Christianson and Halina Ablamowicz)

Erice Weil – In An Abandoned Farmhouse


Jessica Potter – BoardwalkOlivia

Jen Larsen – Untitled 2

John Campbell – Poland & TV Alone & Window Tree


John Rember