Issue 4.1 – Spring 2009


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Nicole Louise Reid – Red Wagon

Brian Maxwell – Please Beautiful, Keep Kentucky

Amy Pence – There, Now

Josie Sigler – My Last Horse


Karen Babine – The Inheritance of Apples

Tom Weller – The Richest Man in Beinamar

Valerie Fioravanti – Becoming Italian


Taylor Altman – Fog & The Canal & Bees

Jacob Robert Stephens – ’74 Guzzler

Jeffrey Alfier – Leaving Provence on a Sunday

Michele Kyoko Crowson – Small Gray Raft

Erin Elizabeth Smith – Driving in Mississippi Next to Two Men I’ve Slept With

Tony Revay – Along the State Highway to Franklinville

Robert Peake – How Can A Boy Hate Fishing?

Jonathan Greenhause – Fireflies Curling up Mt. Fuji

Karen J. Weyant – Landscape with Porn Shop

Dana Sonnenschein – The Valley of Shadow

Elizabeth J. Colen – 80 East

MRB Chelko – Elegy

Ange Tysdal – Cinnamon

William Taylor, Jr. – The Tourists Get Drunk

John Paul O’Connor – Old Man & Elektra

Pierre-Alain Tache – Final Noon/Midi, Dernier & Morning, In Charvorney/Matin d’Octobre à Chavornay (Translated by Time Keane & Myriam Moraz)