Issue 5.1 – Spring 2010


Josie Sigler – Breakneck Road

Jan Donley – Four Shorts

Kevin Carey – Island Living

Nathan Alling Long – Sweeping

Bonnie Jo Campbell – Circus Matinee


Stefanie Wielkopolan – Mermaids

Lillian Kwok – On the Philippines, Hit a Coin & Jellyfish

Mary Buchinger – Dinner at the Bretzl Gwolb

Avra Wing – Cornelia Street Poem

Christina Cook – On the Hill, Music

Carol Guess – 94 St. Martin’s Lane & Midnight In The Costume Shop

Jason Tandon – Continents

Aku Wuwu – Crow & Garbage (Translated by Wen Peihong)


Jean Giovanetti – “39”

Adrienne Totino – Turn of Freedom

Michelle Cacho-Negrete – Introduction on her essay On the Fire Escape


Bonnie Jo Campbell