Issue 6.1 – Spring 2011


Josephine Ensign – Gone South

Annette Berkovits – Swan Song

Charles Finn – A Secret Hideout of Leaves and Mud


Michelle Menting – Hunter Orange

Tania Runyan – Beach Walk

Michelle Bitting – Happy

Kate Buckley – When Pappaw Watches the News & Vientos de Santana

Luisa A. Igloria – Status, News Feed, Most Recent, Last

Deborah Casillas – Walking Boys

Barry Harris – Reading Stafford

Brian Simoneau – Season’s End

William Keener – Shimmera Bay

Ken Turner – Infernal & The Persistence of Fabric

Sean Hill – Mariposa Lilies

Sarah Burke – Prayer in the Badlands

John Davis – Crossing the Great Divide

Mary Thompson – In Dreams

Alexandria Ashford – Hymn for Defilee


Karin Lin-Greenberg – Weight

Derek Martin Wade – Bonfire

Abby Frucht – Quint

Dan Pinkerton – Dropping Trou

Andrew MacDonald – Something Comes Next

Roderick B. Overaa – Girls Like That


Netanis Waters – Dorianne Laux