Issue 6.2 – Summer/Fall 2011


John Ashford – Topo

Coleen Muir – Home

Jessica McCaughey – Scramble

Sarah J. Lin – Zongzi

Bridget Booher – Body Map of My Life

Douglas Haynes – Corn in Twenty-One Countries


Steve Edwards – A Writer’s Story & Twelve Hour Shift

Raymond Fleischmann – Since Parting with my Betsy

Katie Cortese – Let Down your Hair

Carrie Callaghan – Waves Breaking on Asturias: a Triptych

Ana Garcia Bergua – Applause


Zeina Hashem Beck – The Nameless

Loretta Obstfeld – Where & Night School

Matt Summers – Remodeling

Dawn Manning – White Rabbit

Jen Ferrera – Man in My Garden, Buenos Aires

Andrew Philip – Nocturne to 60 in 10 Seconds & MacAdam Takes to the Sea

Bonnie Jo Campbell – Sneaker Waves

Mary Kovaleski-Byrnes – Wandering Song

Tania Runyan – Beach Walk

Kris Bigalk – Aren, Two Years Old, Playing at Orchard Park

Katherine Maurer – To Anne, Standing in the Former Saddam Hussein International Airport

John Struloeff – The Divide

Ahmet Uysal – Broken Triplets (Translated by Nesrin Eruysal and Ken Fifer)

Andrew Rahal – Blue

Emily Wall – Eve, Sailing

Ani Gjika – Last Day


Kathlene Postma – Masha Hamilton