Issue 7.1 – Winter/Spring 2012


Jennifer Robinette – The Bell Choir

Jennifer Kirkpatrick Brown – The Roots of Grass

Evan Morgan Williams – Horses

Xu Xi – To Body To Chicken

Vicente Riva Palacio – The Sewing Machine (Translated by Toshiya Kamei)

Josie Sigler – Chicken The Ride


Catherine Doucette – When the Lake Makes Ice

Dionisia Morales – Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

Annette Berkovits – A Promise to Dora

Shiv Dutta – Melodies from His Youth

Glenys Loewen-Thomas – The Economy of Letting Go


Alison Pelegrin – Bayou Gold & Debris

Rebecca Givens Rolland – From the Book of Leavening

Gil Gallagher – This is the World

Frances McCue – Aviary Kitchen

Barbara Price – Winter 1979 & I Find God on Facebook

Andrea Scarpino – Love as Stained Glass & Overheard in Lincoln, Nebraska

Tom Holmes – Paleolithic Possession & Paleolithic Person Learns to Sing

Tod Marshal – Once More to the Lake & Quest

First Chapters

Grant Farley – Toes of a Saint (Cante bury)

J.K. Wise – Inside the Circle (Allison)


Kali Eichen – Valerie Laken