Issue 7.2 - Summer/Fall 2012


Robert Kostuck - Expiration Date

Meg Thompson - All You Really Need is a Light Jacket

Ron McFarland - Undercover

Vic Sizemore - The Squirrel Gun


Gail Elizabeth Kretchmer - Crossing Glaciers

First Chapters

Megan Roth - Wake

Griffin Jackson - The Desolation

Homeira Foth - The Devil of Knob Hill

Lesley Heiser - The Girl in a Tree


Sharon Harrigan - Deborah Reed


Kim Addonizio - Northeast Corridor Blues

Nate Liederbach - First of “Untitled” Series

Eva Heisler - To Make a Prairie in Iceland

Laura Lee Beasley - Looking for Quarters in a Public Pool

David Kutz-Marks - Pinehurst Boulevard

Maya Zeller - Family Tree

Brianna Noll - Echocardiogram

George Looney - Questions Passing a Small Pennsylvania Town in Autumn A Skein of Mallards

Joseph Fasano - April Coda & Processional

Ryan Sharp - the birch branches and my imaginary old man & the tiny chasm of my imaginary old man

Leonore Wilson - Breath-of-Dawn

Leilani Hall - Revising the Field & Dorothea Lange as Body’s Witness