Our New Look


Silk Road is expanding.     In honor of the magazine’s fifth year, we accelerated our production rate to two issues per year, got a new web personality and started this blog.     We are also now taking online submissions.

We feel compelled in this first blog entry to assert that the written language is the most powerful tool for change out there.   Literary art and the spirit of understanding  it inspires are  key to the survival of a great many of us.

We are committed to publishing writers from anywhere, any age, any background.  We are open to innovations in a genre as long as the result is honest and compelling.     We are above all curious.

You would not believe our insatiable curiosity.    We read everything we receive and each piece is discussed by at least three editors.    Pieces that make the first cut are discussed by our editorial board.  We fight over your work.  We will ask a writer to rewrite if we think a piece has merit.    Send us something fine and crucial.   We dare you to try to break our hearts.