Silk Road Assistant Editor: Kellianne Pang

Kellianne Peng photoMajor: Integrated Media, Creative Writing Minor

Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

What do you look for in a Silk Road piece or any writing?

In a Silk Road piece and just any writing in general, I look for compelling characters, cohesion, intriguing plot, and, above all, a story that emotionally moves me. More than anything I want to feel connected with and invested in the characters and be with them in the moment.

If you could have ANY job once you graduate, what would you love to do? Money is no object.

Right out of college I would love to be a travel blogger. Go anywhere and everywhere since I’m still young and single. Greece, New Zealand, Dubai, Switzerland. Ultimately – and more realistically – I want to simply live and work (whatever the job may be) in Seoul, South Korea.

Do you have any authors (or pieces of literature) that inspire you?

I used to read a lot a lot more when I was younger and my go-to authors were always Sarah Dessen and Deb Caletti, sometimes Nicolas Sparks. I loved The Truth About Forever by Dessen and The Nature of Jade by Caletti. The Last Song by Sparks actually made me cry. I love these books because you can’t help but get invested in the characters and the story and feel connected. I think all three of the authors’ writing styles have influenced me and helped to shape my own personal writing style. They are actually the reason why I very much prefer ambiguously ended stories over clear-cut ones. I’ve come to despise the ends.

What does Silk Road embody to you? What words would you use to describe Silk Road to someone who knows nothing about it?

I see Silk Road as a training ground for me. To someone who knows nothing about it, I would say it’s a fairly liberal, Portland-esque literary magazine.