Silk Road Assistant Editor: Makaela “Katy” Kilsdonk

Katy Kilsdonk photoMajor: Creative Writing, Editing & Publishing minor

Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: Hermiston, OR

What do you look for in a Silk Road piece, or any writing?

What I look for in a Silk Road piece, or any piece of writing, is soul. I know when I’m reading a piece, especially nonfiction, if someone has truly put a piece of themself into what they are writing. When someone has truly embraced their voice and is putting it to life that amazes me. When I’m browsing for a book, I always read the first and last sentence and it is from purely that, and the book cover because I’m a snob, that lets me know if I want to read the book.

If you could have any job once you graduate, what would you love to do? Money is no object.

This is such a hard topic for me. The reason I love creative writing is because it allows me to be anyone I want and do whatever job I choose. If money was no object I would most likely stay in college forever and just go down the list of all the possible degrees one could possess. I’ve always been interested in architecture, culinary arts, carpentry, marketing, etc. I just purely love to learn and that is why writing and reading is so perfect for me.

Do you have any authors that inspire you? If so, who? And, why?

You know, something that is so odd is that I truly look up to Susan Eloise Hinton, the author of The Outsiders. I haven’t read the novel since early high school, so I honestly don’t even remember how I feel about the craft. But the fact that she wrote and published her novel so young always inspires me to keep writing, and keep submitting my work. When I receive a rejection email or am being hard on myself, I always keep Hinton in mind.

What does Silk Road embody to you? What words would you use to describe Silk Road to someone who knows nothing about it?

Silk Road is just a lovely journal to me. The fact that anyone can submit their work and that the editors are students at Pacific University is so cool to me. The good thing about having college students as editors is that we are fresh in our learning about writing. We are always reading and writing and studying and that makes us better editors. And through the editing process and looking at submissions, we are also learning huge things that will help us in the job force later on.