Silk Road Assistant Editor: Scout Northway

Scout Northway photoMajors: Psychology, English Literature

Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: San Diego, CA

What do you look for in a Silk Road piece (or any writing)?

Mostly I look for writing that grabs me immediately and doesn’t seem to want to let go – I like feeling drawn in, whether it’s by an image or an interesting word choice, a strange situation or weird character. I want a writer to pull me in and almost force me to keep reading. It’s amazing when, even after reading a ton of other submissions, your mind wanders back to a piece and you’re unable to stop thinking about it.

If you could have ANY job once you graduate, what would you love to do?

I would love to be an English professor at a small liberal arts college like Pacific (with tenure, of course). I really like working with students. I love their energy and passion. It would be fantastic to wake up every day and be surrounded by that energy and passion.

Do you have any authors (or pieces of literature) that inspire you?

David Poster Wallace is hugely inspirational to me. He almost demands to be read. As a reader, you can feel his writerly presence behind every single word. I love how he manages to burrow into the reader’s head, really capturing all those troubling, dark, complicated thoughts and feelings – in his characters. He’s just phenomenal – reading his work is an experience in and of itself, regardless of the content or story. I also absolutely love Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman. That book should be required reading for everyone. It will change your life.

What does Silk Road embody to you? What words would you use to describe Silk Road to someone who knows nothing about it?

This is only my first semester working on Silk Road, but I would describe it as a quiet, quirky, wistful little literary magazine. It’s meditative and thoughtful, sort of nostalgic, but overall charming.