Our 2011 Pushcart Nominees

We are delighted to announce our nominations for the 2011 Pushcart Prize.

“Weight” by Karin Lin-Greenberg. (Fiction. Vol. 6.1)
“A Writers Story” by Steve Edwards. (Fiction. Vol. 6.2)
“Let Down Your Hair” by Katie Cortese. (Fiction. Vol. 6.2)
“Where” by Loretta Obstfeld. (Poetry, Vol. 6.2)
“Nocturne to 60 in 10 Seconds” by Andrew Philip (Poetry. Vol. 6.2)
“Zongzi” by Sarah J. Lin. (Nonfiction. Vol 6.2)

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6.2: Summer-Fall 2011 Issue of Silk Road Review

32 Writers from Around the World. Cover art from painter Anna Stump’s Pacific Rim series

Silk Road Issue 6.2 (Summer-Fall,2011) brings together 32 writers from around the world.

This issue features pieces like Ani Gjika’s farewell to India, Sarah Lin’s complex tribute to dumplings in Taiwan, and Katherine Mauerer’s reflection on a moment of arrival in Iraq.

Turkish Poet Ahmet Uysal says to us a “breeze sings to me in all languages at once.”

John Ashford gives a subtle portrait of a young student in Botswana, and Bridget Booher maps the marks on her own body.

Steve Edward’s prize winning flash fiction “A Writer’s Story” opens our most intense issue yet. How do writers grapple with memory in order to reach a truth?

In an interview, novelist and humanitarian Masha Hamilton discusses the way in which difficult questions drive her both artistically and physically into places others fear to tread.

More info on the writers in this issue, excerpts and ordering at the link