Vol. 5.1 Now Available for Order

We know you have been waiting for it: Vol. 5.1 is here and ready to order.

In an interview in this issue, National Book Award nominee Bonnie Jo Campbell
defines a story’s place as “the space in which drama unfolds.” The poetry and
prose in 5.1 pulls readers into all manner of hot spots around the globe: an
inherited condo in Florida, a jeepney in the Philippines, a house trailer in rural
Michigan, a fire escape in New York, and the Himalayas in China, where poet
Aku Wuwu bears witness to the death of his birth culture and language. This
issue is about the locations where human lives collide.


Artists in this Issue

Aku Wuwu

Mary Buchinger

Michelle Cacho-Negrete

Bonnie Jo Campbell

Kevin Carey

Christina Cook

Jan Donley

Jean Giovanetti

Carol Guess

Lillian Kwok

Nathan Alling Long

Josie Sigler

Jason Tandon

Adrienne Totino

Wen Peihong

Stefanie Wielkopolan

Avra Wing