Volume 6.1 is Almost Here


The look is starting to change...





Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a little bit of love: the new issue has now arrived at our warehouse, and it looks great.

Be looking for it soon, along with a brand new look to the website, excerpts from the new issue, and the interview with Dorianne Laux. Silk Road is moving away from its old black and white (and sometimes red) themes and going with much more color.

You can preorder the new issue by going to


Contributors for Volume 6.1:

Alexandria Ashford

Orna Ben-Shoshan

Annette Berkovits

Michelle Bitting

Kate Buckley

Sarah Burke

Deborah Castillas

John Davis

Josephine Ensign

Charles Finn

Abby Frucht

Barry Harris

Sean Hill

Luisa A. Igloria

William Keener

Dorianne Laux

Karin Lin-Greenberg

Andrew MacDonald

Michelle Menting

Roderick B. Overaa

Dan Pinkerton

Tania Runyan

Brian Simoneau

Mary Thompson

Ken Turner

Derek Martin Wade

Netanis Waters